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Sponsor a Child - Change a Life!

For $40 USD per month, you can provide a child and their family food for a month and access to DOVE's Center and programs.

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You can change a child's life!

DOVE's Youth Center is a "safe haven" for children, providing an opportunity to learn, laugh and share a positive experience in a safe environment. Without participation in the Center, many of these children would be forced into prostitution, drug dealing or other illegal activities.

The Youth Development Center Child Sponsorship Program is designed for children ages 6 – 14. It is structured to foster self-esteem, cooperation, respect, responsibility, goal setting and leadership skills in our youth. Our program empowers these children to be agents of change in their own lives and communities.

By sponsoring a child registered with Dove Missions, you are sponsoring:

- The Child's costs in Dove Missions Programs (daily snacks, teachers, materials, etc.)

- The monthly basket of food the child and their family receives from Dove

As a Child Sponsor, you will receive 3-4 updates per year from your child, Dove Missions' Newsletter and updates about programs and classes.

You may request a girl or a boy. The next one on the waiting list will be chosen, and you will be notified via email and furnished with a picture, information about your child and how to interact with them. Contact: childsponsorship@dovemissions.org